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Would you like to spend your days off in luxury at a rental home, cottage, or condominium?
Tabino Teitaku's rental homes, cottages, and condominiums do not come with the full list of services found at hotels and Japanese inns. Instead, relax in the fully reserved space just for you, where you can get a taste of "living" in the area.
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Tabino Teitaku - Reservation Center
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About facilities
Available facilities include distinctive rental homes, cottages, and condominiums. At a full rental cottage surrounded by nature, you can spend your time relaxing. One of our condominiums near downtown can be used as a convenient spot for business and sightseeing. Most locations are furnished with furniture as well as various appliances, and a kitchen/cooking utensils/dishes. You can enjoy an extended stay with only the minimum luggage necessary. Full Wi-Fi means that they're also recommended for telework and workations.

Miyagi Prefecture (Taiwa-cho, Yoshida / Zao-machi, Togatta Hot Spring / Kawasaki-machi, Maekawa / Murata-machi, Murata / Kami-machi, Yakuraihara / Osaki City, Matsuyama / Sendai City, Aoba-ku, Honcho / Sendai City, Taihaku-ku, Akiu-machi), Yamagata Prefecture (Tsuruoka City, Yunohama), Kanagawa Prefecture (Kamakura City, Yuigahama), Okinawa Prefecture (Naha City, Matsuyama / Naha City, Maejima / Onna-son, Nakadomari / Motobu-cho, Bise / Motobu-cho, Yamazato / Nakijin-son, Imadomari)

What is "Tabino Teitaku"?
Some locations are produced by Tabino Recipe Co., Ltd. and operated as accommodation facilities, while others are intended to operate as private lodgings during periods when the owners are not using them. Each facility is full of variation, coming from the owner's tastes and preferences. We look forward to your reservation.

We also provide ways of having fun beyond our rental homes!

No matter where you want to go, which season it is, who you go with or what mood you have, you can have the best experience in any environment!
Beyond Tabino Teitaku's rental homes, cottages, and condominiums, don't you gain irreplaceable fun from sometimes enjoying good food and a hot spring, or spending time relaxing at a beach resort, or getting excited setting up a tent by yourself, or enjoying a trip of freedom in a camper?
We have facilities that can meet various needs, so please feel free to check the link below.
We hope that you find the perfect place to stay with us.
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Tabino Camping Base
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Villa Love Resort
Bay Cruise Miyakojima Mont Blanc
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